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30 Questions



1. Do you offer the lowest prices in the area? Comment: No, because the best photographers do not offer the lowest prices. Also, everyone is trying to be a photographer these days, offering lower and lower prices. Please keep in mind that every photographer wants to earn as much as his/her work is worth. So what kind of photographer offers the lowest prices? And will you be happy with that kind of photography?


2. During the initial consultation, will I be shown complete, real wedding albums that are produced by you, and who will photograph my wedding? Comment: Yes I do. I have a few albums that represent a complete wedding day, not just a few lucky shots from several different weddings. I photograph all of my weddings, unless other arrangements are made before you sign the contract.


3. Do you attach a flash to your camera in any way? Comment: Some of the time. Light that comes from the camera tends to make photographs look like they were made with a point-and-shoot snapshot camera. A light diffuser attached to the flash, or off-camera sources of light are more flattering, produce much more detail and make all photos look more three-dimensional.


4. Will you, the owner of the studio, photograph my wedding or will I get a staff photographer? Comment: Of course, I will be your photographer, unless other arrangements are made before you sign the contract.


5. Do you use an assistant or a second photographer for your wedding assignments? Comment: I occasionally bring a fully trained second photographer for additional coverage.


6. Will you be flexible and meet with me to plan my wedding day as I want it to be? Comment: I have only two rules: 1. Give you enough time to do what you want done AND 2. It must look great. I am very be flexible and accommodating.


7. Before my wedding day, will you have a planning session with me and my fiancee so that our wedding day will be as we want it to be? Comment: Yes, because planning is critical to a smooth-running, stress-free wedding day.


8. What percent of your photographs are posed? Comment: I only pose about 10% of the time. Most of the posed photos made on your wedding day will be those you request during a planning session. Everything else will be caught in the act.


9. Will you do almost all the formal photography before the ceremony and help me plan the photography so that I will not be late for my reception? Comment: Even if you and your fiancee do not want to be together before the ceremony, most of the posed photographs can be completed before the ceremony when they fit better in the flow of the day.


10. Do you do posed photographs at the reception? Comment: Not usually. The reception is the worst place for posed photographs. The reception is party time when I capture all the fun as it really happens.


11. Do you do photojournalism and black and white photography? Comment: Most of my wedding day photographs are not posed and black and white photographs are at no additional charge.


12. Will you provide unlimited time on my wedding day? Comment: I do offer unlimited time on the day of your wedding.


13. Will you provide an unlimited number of images from which I may make my selections? Comment: There are no limits. Your entire day will be well covered from start to finish.


14. Do you usually produce more than seven or eight hundred images during a full day wedding coverage? Comment: Yes.


15. Do you include a CD / DVD of all photos and copyrights, with your package? Comment: Yes


16. Do you use the latest, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, highest quality professional digital cameras, lighting, computers and software? Comment: The best photographers do, so yes I try to always stay current. I currently use a Canon 5D Mark2 as my primary camera, Canon flashes, studio strobes, Canon lenses, Apple computers for workflow and editing, Apple and Adobe software, and two of the top printing labs in the world.


17. Can you bring to the church an entire portrait studio with a background and multiple studio lights to do spectacular portraits of all the important people? Comment: I can by request, or weather dependent. I believe you should be able to have a choice.


18. At my reception, will you use a radio-controlled flash unit somewhere in the room to make my reception photographs really spectacular? Comment: Yes I usually do. Quality lighting is done with one or more unobtrusive, radio-controlled flash units. The flash should not come from only the camera.


19. How will I see my wedding pictures for the first time ? Comment: I will usually send a few teasers by email, Facebook, or video slideshow within a week. I will then present them to you in full HD, in your own private gallery viewing.


20. Will any proof-quality photographs be placed in my wedding album? Comment: No. Quality wedding photography typically involves 4 or more hours of retouching and other enhancements as part of my production process.


21. How many hours will you work on my wedding? (Before, during and after my wedding day) Comment: Quality wedding photography with quality wedding albums typically requires 30 or more total hours of my time.


22. Does my collection include an engagement portrait session photographed in Harrisburg, PA or the Central, PA area ? Comment: No. You can contact me to schedule a separate engagement session.


23. Does your collection include a quality custom made album ? Comment: Yes.


24. Do your wedding collections include retouching of faces, scene enhancing art work, and page collages to make people look their best? Comment: Yes.


25. Will you help me plan my album (and the parents' albums) to tell the most beautiful story of my wedding day with a selection of creative album composition techniques? Comment: Yes I will, because the best photographers don’t just give you images to review on your own. You should not have to try and struggle with what to include and how to compose your wedding album. You should have final approval of your wedding album design.


26. How much will I pay you before the wedding for the coverage that I want and how much more will I be likely to pay after seeing the images to make the best album possible? Comment: My full day coverage is 2500 and you could expect to spend another $500 or more on album upgrades to make the best wedding album possible.


27. When you make the portraits of my fiancee and me, will you do a facial analysis to determine the best way to light and pose us? Comment: I always look at facial structure, body shape, and lighting to best determine how to photograph people to look their best in each setting.


28. What is your educational background? Have you achieved any advanced college degrees? How have you been trained in photography? Comment: I have formal training darkroom processing, color theory, graphic design, and in digital image processing, photography, and fine art. I have a B.A. of fine arts from Messiah College. I worked for two local magazines, WITF, and was the photography editor for the Messiah College Yearbook. My artistic work has been featured at Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Borders Bookstore, Messiah College, and Eastern University.


29. Has every photograph on your web site been created solely by yourself? Comment: Definitely, YES!


30. What kind of car do you have? Comment: You may wonder “ why ask this question ?” You want to be sure that I have dependable transportation. I drive a very reliable, 2019 Subaru Forester with style. It is very reliable, but it isn't my dream car. Stay tuned for an update someday :)


I wish that everyone could hear the disappointing stories of brides who I have met with. They have been bridesmaids in other weddings and have seen what happened when a friend selected a photographer based only on price. It seems that quite a number of brides have been unhappy with their photographer and their photography. Brides who choose Through the years photography, will never have this worry.


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